Jeff Carrell Will Present to DETSEC February 24

In networking, IP as we call it is generally Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4). Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is the replacement for IP running in today’s networks. 23 years after the initial release of IPv6 we observe that many networks are not formally implementing IPv6, however, most modern desktop/server OS’s have had IPv6 enabled for 8+ years. That means many IT departments and technologists don’t understand that IPv6 is in fact all over their networks nor what the potential implications are.

This session will cover a few IPv6 basics and then dive into a real-world demonstration accessing a live network and the recon/exploit of an “IPv4 only” network using IPv6.

Plan to attend at 7pm CT on February 24th.

Contact the get the Zoom Meeting information.

TXv6TF Fall Summit Agenda Taking Shape

The mid-September Fall TXv6TF Summit agenda is starting to take shape. Today, TXv6TF announced that there will be a 3-hour hands on lab at the end of the 2nd day of the summit (September 15, 2011). This lab requires no prior experience with IPv6 and will be consist of the following agenda:

  • Short lecture – IPv6 addressing
  • Lab 1 – Configure network device with IPv6 SLAAC address
  • Lab 2 – Configure network device with IPv6 static address
  • Lab 3 – Configure network device for basic IPv6 routing between VLANs
  • Lab 4 – Configure network device for OSPFv3

The lab will be lead by Jeff Carrell and is free, but advanced registration is required and seats are limited. Each participant must bring a laptop with any operating system that has VPN (PPTP) and telnet capability in order to participate in these labs.

@txv6tf is now active!

Updates to this web site will be posted on Twitter. So, please follow @txv6tf if you want to be notified about changes to this site via Twitter. Of course, RSS will continue to be available as it has been since the site went on-line.

Thanks for your continued support.

The Planet is now the official hosting provider to TXv6TF

We are pleased to announce that The Planet is and continues to be our official hosting provider. The hardware on which this web site operates is a dedicated hosting server provided by The Planet for use by Stan Barber, a TXv6TF Director. He, in turn, has the TXv6TF web site running on it.

IPv6 and IPv4 transit is provisioned on this site so it can be reached from both flavors of the Internet.

Please check out more about The Planet at their web site

2009 TXv6TF Summit

The Texas IPv6 Task Force’s (TXv6TF)  first annual IPv6 technology conference is history.
If you were unable to join us, many of the presentations are linked to the TXv6TF Summit 2009 page.  We hope that you will consider joining us next year!

Many thanks to our speakers for sharing their wisdom and their time!

Thanks once again to our sponsors whose contributions of resources enabled this event to occur!