SoftLayer is the Official Hosting Provider for TXv6TF

Some of you may have been wondering how TXv6TF would be impacted by the merger of The Planet (our official hosting provider since TXv6TF started) and SoftLayer. The news is outstanding. SoftLayer will continue to provide TXv6TF with hosting services, just as The Planet did. However, it gets even better. The new site is now hosted on the SoftLayer platform, which is the framework that the merged company will continue to grow and develop.
SoftLayer has been offering IPv6 as part of its regular product since 2009 and has made supporting IPv6 on a dedicated hosting platform very straight forward. This means reliability and easy deployment for those that want to use IPv6 today.
TXv6TF looks forward to many years of collaboration with SoftLayer as IPv6 ascends to dominance as the primary Internet Protocol. Special thanks to Paul Ford and Dani Roisman for getting the gears moving to facilitate this migration.

The Planet is now the official hosting provider to TXv6TF

We are pleased to announce that The Planet is and continues to be our official hosting provider. The hardware on which this web site operates is a dedicated hosting server provided by The Planet for use by Stan Barber, a TXv6TF Director. He, in turn, has the TXv6TF web site running on it.

IPv6 and IPv4 transit is provisioned on this site so it can be reached from both flavors of the Internet.

Please check out more about The Planet at their web site