NIST NCCoE is Hosting a Workshop on IPv6 Enabled Enterprises


NIST NCCoE will host a workshop on Security for IPv6 Enabled Enterprises.  The focus will be to identify and develop plans to address security challenges / barriers to full IPv6 deployment in enterprise settings.

Please see the call for participation below for more details and to register.

Questions about workshop participation should be sent to:


New Site, New Look

The TXv6TF web site is now hosted on We believe all the content has been moved and properly formatted, but if you find something wrong or missing, please let us know. You can send mail to and I will look at it as soon as possible.

Thanks for your continuing interest and support!

TXv6TF is Presenting at the IEEE GreenTech of Smart City Conference in April, 2018

TXv6TF is presenting a tutorial session about IPv6 at the IEEE GreenTech of Smart City Conference in April of 2018. The session will be delivered by Stan Barber, Cung Nguyen, Jeff Handal and Rob Barton. This four hour tutorial will include an overview of IPv6’s use for industrial IoT projects with deep dives into a few of them. You can still register for the conference in Austin Texas. You can get discount on the registration. Details can be found here.

Stan Barber Recognized For Work on NAv6TF Meeting In Sunnyvale

Stan Barber was recognized for his contribution to the recent meeting at LinkedIn in Sunnyvale. He was among many folks led by Scott Hogg of RMv6TF that organized the meeting under the North American IPv6 Task Force.

He was recognized for his work organizing the awards ceremony where several North American ISP were recognized for achieving 20% or more IPv6 Utilization on their networks.

The NAv6TF Meeting is happening today and tomorrow in Sunnyvale, CA

Today and tomorrow, people from around the continent are gathering in Sunnyvale, CA to hear more about the status of the migration of the Internet to IPv6. Over 100 people are registered for the event.

After the event, there will be recordings of the talks available for anyone to listen to posted. More details on that will be made available at a later day.

There are several folks attending here from Texas and I am glad to see them.