Stan Barber Recognized For Work on NAv6TF Meeting In Sunnyvale

Stan Barber was recognized for his contribution to the recent meeting at LinkedIn in Sunnyvale. He was among many folks led by Scott Hogg of RMv6TF that organized the meeting under the North American IPv6 Task Force.

He was recognized for his work organizing the awards ceremony where several North American ISP were recognized for achieving 20% or more IPv6 Utilization on their networks.

The NAv6TF Meeting is happening today and tomorrow in Sunnyvale, CA

Today and tomorrow, people from around the continent are gathering in Sunnyvale, CA to hear more about the status of the migration of the Internet to IPv6. Over 100 people are registered for the event.

After the event, there will be recordings of the talks available for anyone to listen to posted. More details on that will be made available at a later day.

There are several folks attending here from Texas and I am glad to see them.


A Few More Details on the Upcoming 2017 NAv6TF Conference

Some more on the upcoming event.

At this year’s IPv6 Summit event we will celebrate all that has been accomplished regarding IPv6 deployment.  We will also discuss the remaining challenges for IPv6 adoption.  The IPv6 Summit event this year will focus on the accomplishments that have been made in recent years that have driven the accelerating growth in IPv6 Internet traffic.  The event would like to celebrate the hard work performed by broadband service providers, mobile carriers, online content providers, content distribution networks, equipment manufacturers, operating system manufacturers, and numerous others.

Following are a list of topics that we would like the presentations to cover:

  • Examples of exemplary IPv6 adoption
  • Best practices for IPv6 deployment and promotion of IPv6 adoption
  • Methods that have driven increased usage of IPv6
  • Current IPv6 adoption trends and future projections of IPv6 growth
  • Tasks remaining for the IPv6 community, challenges for IPv6, next steps
  • Furthering IPv6 deployment in enterprise networks
  • Examples of how IPv6-only environments are being used

There will be a single-track of presentations through the 2-days.


Registration:  The registration site will be available soon.  Event registration will be online for $200/person for the 2-day event.


Dates:  April 25 & 26, 2017

Times:  Registration and coffee from 8:00AM to 9:00AM, first keynote starts at 9:00AM, presentations throughout the day ending at 5:00PM

Address: 605 West Maude Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Parking: Free Parking in their 4-story parking garage

Meals Provided: In the morning coffee/juice/water/tea, full lunch, sodas/water and cookies in afternoon

Everyone receives a custom t-shirt for the event